Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




4. Obligations of passengers


4.1.   Passengers have the following obligations:

а/   to use safety belts while traveling on motor vehicles fit with safety belts and to wear protective helmets while traveling on motorcycles;

б/   to get in/off from/to sidewalk (or verge) side or backside after a vehicle stops fully. If it is not possible, it is allowed to get in/off from/to the carriageway side after ensuring the safety and without causing a trouble to others’ traffic.

4.2.   Passengers are prohibited to do the following:

а/   to settle down on the sections not used for transporting of passengers or on goods loaded above the level of the goods vehicle body boards as well as to stand on the body floor while traveling;

б/   to put own body or objects out of the window;

в/   to distract the driver’s attention and interfere with his actions during driving;

г/    to open the doors of vehicles when they run;

д/   to open the doors of standing vehicles if it is likely to interfere with the others’ moving.


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