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9. Sharing the road


9.2. Railroad crossing

When approaching a railroad crossing, be cautious because a train can arrive at any time, day, or night. Obey all warning devices, lights, gates, and signs. Do not drive onto a crossing until you are sure the tracks are clear, especially when there are multiple tracks. There may be a second train.

Do not misjudge the train's speed and distance. Because of its large size, a train appears to be moving much slower than you think. The average freight train traveling at 55 m.p.h. requires approximately one mile to stop. Trains can not stop, you can.


Warning devices

ADVANCE WARNING SIGNS: A railroad crossing is ahead. The warning sign is located at a sufficient distance to allow you to stop (if necessary) before reaching the crossing.

PAVEMENT MARKINGS: Consists of an “R X R” and a stop line and may be painted on the pavement in front of a crossing. Always stay behind the painted stop line while waiting for a passing train.

CROSSBUCK SIGNS: These signs should be treated the same as a yield sign. If there is more than one track, a sign below the Crossbuck indicates the number of tracks at this crossing.

FLASHING LIGHT SIGNALS: Always stop when the lights begin to flash. Do not attempt to cross until the lights have stopped flashing.

GATES: Gates are used with flashing light signals at certain crossings. Do not cross until the gates are raised and the lights have stopped flashing.


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