(State of Colorado)


9. Sharing the road


9.4. Bicycles and motorcycles

Motorists must be on the lookout for cyclists and anticipate sudden and unexpected moves from them. A "Share the Road" attitude is the best policy to promote safe highways in Colorado. The most common motorist-caused carbicycle or car-motorcycle collision is a motorist turning left in front of an oncoming bicycle or motorcycle. Drivers may fail to see cyclists or a driver may fail to judge the speed of oncoming cyclists. As a driver, remember to look and then look again. Make sure you see the cyclist and know their speed before you make your left turn.

Though bicycles travel in the same direction as motor vehicles, they are generally moving more slowly and usually travel to the right of the right lane or on the shoulder or bike lane. Exceptions include making left turns, or when a right turn lane is present and the cyclist is traveling straight through.

Motorcycles are entitled to the same full lane width as other vehicles. Motorcyclists constantly change position within their lane so they can see and be seen and avoid road hazards. Never move into the same lane with a motorcycle, even if the motorcycle is traveling to one side of the lane. Also, be aware that strong winds can unexpectedly move a motorcycle out if its lane.

Bicycles and motorcycles are smaller, harder to see and can move faster and stop faster than expected. Their control is more easily hampered by road defects and debris. You should watch for bicycles and motorcycles, use extra caution when driving around either and increase your following distance.


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