Annex 1 to Rules of the road of Mongolia




VIII. Vertical markings

29.    Lines and strokes with combined black and white colors put on curbstones, posts, guardrails and other installations in order to outline the sizes and dimensions of road installations and elements and give driving orientation belong to vertical markings.

8.1 - used for marking the vertical sections and parts of road installations (bridge piers; water pipes, portal of tunnels, etc.) that may cause a danger to vehicular traffic;

8.2 - used for marking the sections and parts of road installations such as bridges, tunnels, etc. that could be rubbed during passing under them;

8.3 - used for marking round stands of signs placed on dividing strips or safety islands;

8.4 - used for marking of guiding posts, guardrail supports, etc. placed along a road;

8.5 - used for marking of the side surface of road guardrails on the dangerous sections with a small radius of curvature, steep descent or landslide, etc.;

8.6 - used for marking of the side surface of guardrails on the other sections of a road;

8.7 - used for marking curbstones on the dangerous sections of a road.




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