(State of Colorado)


10. Emergencies


10.5. First aid

Good Samaritan laws were developed to encourage people to help others in emergency situations. They require that the "Good Samaritan use common sense and a reasonable level of skill, not to exceed the scope of the individual's training in emergency situations." They assume each person would do his or her best to save a life or prevent further injury.

When citizens respond to an emergency and act as a reasonable and prudent person would under the same conditions, Good Samaritan immunity generally prevails. This legal immunity protects you, as a rescuer, from being sued and found financially responsible for the victims injury. For example, a reasonable and prudent person would...

- Move a victim only if the victim's life was endangered.

- Ask a conscious victim for permission before giving care.

- Check the victim for life-threatening emergencies before providing further care.

- Summon professional help to the scene by calling the local emergency number or the operator.

- Continue to provide care until more highly trained personnel arrive.


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