Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




9. Vehicle speed


9.1.   Drivers should adjust the speed of their vehicles without exceeding the limit established by these rules taking into account the density of traffic, specific features of their vehicles, transporting loads, road and weather conditions and visibility along traffic.

9.2.   Drivers should slow down and, if it is unavoidable, stop whenever danger and obstacle to proceeding are obvious.

9.3.   The speed of vehicles should not exceed 60 km per hour in built-up areas, 80 km per hour outside built-up areas and 100 km per hour on motorways. However, in the following cases, the speed should be selected without exceeding the following values:

а/   40 km per hour during drawing a power-driven vehicle;

б/   50 km per hour during organized transportation of children;

в/   50 km per hour during transportation of persons by bus or on body of goods vehicles in built-up areas;

г/    70 km per hour during transportation of persons by bus or on body of goods vehicles on roads outside built-up areas and on motorways;

д/   80 km per hour in case of motorcycles and passenger cars with trailers as well as goods vehicles with the permissible maximum mass of more than 3.5 ton or buses not transporting passengers on motorways;

е/   20 km per hour in residential zones.

9.4.   The following is prohibited for drivers:

а/   exceeding the maximum speed defined by technical specifications of vehicles;

б/   exceeding the speed shown on the identification sign “Speed limit” for vehicles having this sign;

в/   impeding the normal progress of other vehicles by traveling abnormally slowly without proper cause;

г/    braking abruptly in cases other than that preventing traffic accident.


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