Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




10. Overtaking


10.1.  Before overtaking, every driver shall make sure:

а/   that there is a sufficient space to take the action;

б/   that he do it without interfering with the oncoming traffic and the traffic following him;

в/   that the driver ahead of him has not given warning signal of his intention to change the direction.

10.2.  When overtaking, it should be done in a way not interfering with the movement of a vehicle overtaken.

10.3.  Overtaking a vehicle is allowed only on its left-hand side. However, overtaking on the right-hand side could be done when a vehicle ahead had given a left-hand side turning signal and started the turning action.

10.4.  Intention to overtake could be acknowledged to the other drivers by giving a luminous or sound warning signal (without violating the provision of 6.1 and 15.7 of these rules).

10.5.  It is prohibited for drivers overtaken to accelerate the speed or interfere with overtaking in some way.

If overtaking is dangerous for traffic, then the driver to be overtaken should give warning with the left-turn signal.

10.6.  Overtaking is prohibited in the following cases:

а/   if it be done by driving against the oncoming traffic flow on the regulated intersections;

б/   on not-regulated intersections or exits (except the cases when it is allowed to overtake on the right-hand side);

в/   on pedestrian crossings;

г/    on level-crossings or within 100 m up to them;

д/   if vehicles ahead are taking the action of overtaking or driving around as well as give signals to the left-hand turn (except the cases when it is allowed to overtake on the right-hand side);

е/   on ascending ends or sections with limited visibility to avoid collision with the oncoming traffic flow;

ж/   if there are columns on the difficult road sections.


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