Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




11. Standing and parking


11.1.  Drivers should park their vehicles as close as possible to the curbstones of the right-hand side of the carriageway or, in case of roads without curbstones, by making the carriageway free. If it is impossible to make the carriageway free (there are no verges), then drivers should park their vehicles as close as possible to the edge of it. It is also allowed to stand their vehicles in the same manner on the left-hand side of the one-way carriageway.

11.2.  It is allowed to park vehicles just in one line one after another along the edge of the carriageway (or verge). However, it is allowed to park vehicles in other manner on the lay-by (without interfering with the traffic).

11.3.  It is allowed to leave the vehicle after taking measures that it could not be moved without the driver or that others could not move it.

11.4.  In case of parking to take a rest or to stay overnight while using the roads outside built-up areas, vehicles should be parked in special parking areas or at a distance from the road.

11.5.  Standing is prohibited in the following cases:

а/   on intersections and exits or within a distance of 20 m from them (excluding standing on the section of T-shaped intersection and exit with dividing strips or continuous center lines where traffics do not cross);

б/   on the pedestrian crossing or within a distance of 5 m to it;

в/   on route vehicle stops and taxi stands or within a distance of 15 m to them (excluding the cases of standing for dropping and picking up passengers without interfering with those vehicle moving);

г/    on level-crossings or within a distance of 20 m from them;

д/   on and under bridges;

е/   in tunnels;

ж/   in places keeping traffic light signals and road signs from sight or blocking the other vehicle moving;

з/    in places where the distance from a standing vehicle up to the continuous line (other than that marking the edge of the carriageway) or the carriageway’s opposite side edge is less than 3 m;

и/   on the carriageway with a visibility limited within 100 m to either direction along the road.

11.6.  Cases when parking is prohibited:

а/   in places where standing is prohibited;

б/   within a distance of 100 m from level-crossings.

11.7.  Drivers made a compelling stop in prohibited places should take measures for removing their vehicles from the given road section as immediately as possible.

11.8.  It is prohibited to open the doors of standing vehicles if it is likely to interfere with the others’ moving.


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