Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




13. Passing across pedestrian crossings


13.1.  Drivers approaching to a not regulated pedestrian crossing should decelerate the speed and give way to pedestrians using the crossing.

13.2.  While passing across a pedestrian crossing after a permitting light signal switches on, drivers should give way to pedestrians still crossing the carriageway (if there is a safety zone, then to pedestrians already passed or not yet reached it).

13.3.  If a vehicle stops or decelerates the speed before a pedestrian crossing, each driver approaching to it from its back side should continue his moving after confirming completely that there is no any pedestrian crossing the road in front of the vehicle in front of him.

13.4.  Drivers should give blind persons (using white sticks) to cross first at any section of the road.

13.5.  If there is a stopping vehicle with a identification sign “Children transporting vehicle”, drivers approaching to it should decelerate the speed and drive carefully and, if necessary, stop and let children to cross the road first.

13.6.  It is prohibited for drivers to enter into an pedestrian crossing when there is an obstacle that may cause them to stop their vehicles on the pedestrian crossing.


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