Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




14. Passing across level-crossings


14.1.  Drivers should cross the railway only through level-crossings. In doing this, they should pass first the approaching train (locomotive).

14.2.  Drivers approaching to a level-crossing should confirm the safety condition and follow the instructions of sound and light signals, signs and markings, location of the gate and instructions of a level-crossing person on duty.

14.3.  It is prohibited to enter into a level-crossing when the gate is closed or started closing, the flashing red light is switched on, sound signal is switched on or the level-crossing person on duty gives a prohibition signal.

14.4.  When the traffic across the level-crossing is prohibited, drivers should stop in front of marking “Stop-line”, sign 3.5 or light signal. If they do not exist, then, drivers have to stop at a distance of not less than 5 m from the gate or, if there is no gate, at a distance of not less than 10 m from the railway and let the train to pass through.

14.5.  The following is prohibited for drivers:

а/   to open or change the gate willfully;

б/   to let the self-propelled vehicles that may damage the level-crossing to cross in a way other than transporting them;

в/   to let the slowly moving self-propelled vehicles moving at a speed of less than 8 km per hour to cross without the permission of the railway section master;

г/    to enter into the level-crossing when there is an obstacle that may cause stopping of their vehicles on the level-crossing.

14.6.  In case of compelled stop on the level-crossing, drivers should drop immediately the passengers, switch on the hazard warning signal and take measures to free the level-crossing.

If it is impossible to free the cross level immediately:

а/   if it is possible, two persons should be sent along the railroad to the both directions from the level-crossings for the distance of 1000 m (if there is one person available, then, to the direction with the less visibility) to signal a train to stop. Meanwhile, those persons should be instructed of the signal giving rules;

б/   the driver should stay by the vehicle and give sound signal;

в/   drivers should carefully watch whether a train is approaching and, if it is approaching, give a signal to stop while running towards the train.

Remarks: Sound signals are given in series of one long and three short signals; stop signal is given with the use of a clearly visible article of a bright color in the daytime and with the use of a lamp or torch in the hand making round movements when it is dark or the visibility is inadequate.


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