Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




15. Using of outside lighting devices


15.1.  When it is dark or the visibility is inadequate, the outside lamps on a vehicle should be switched on in the following way while driving:

а/   the driving or passing lamps should be switched-on on the road sections without lighting. The driving lamps are switched to the passing lamps at a distance of not less than 150 m up to an oncoming vehicle and in other cases when the driver’s eyes could be dazzled. If a driver of an oncoming vehicle gives signals by winking the lamps with certain intervals, every driver has to switch the driving lamps to the passing lamps.

If a driver’s eyes dazzle and he/she looses the orientation, he/she should switch on the hazard warning signal and decelerate the speed or stop without changing the lane;

б/   on the road sections with lighting, only the passing lamps are switched on;

в/   while drawing a trailer, the position lamps on it should be switched on.

15.2.  When it is dark or the visibility is inadequate, the position lamps should be switched on during parking of vehicles on the road sections without lighting. If those lamps are damaged or do not exist, such a vehicle should be taken out from the road. If that is impossible, warning signals should be used in accordance with the provisions of 6.2.в and 6.3.в of these rules.

15.3.  When it is dark or the visibility is inadequate, an identification signal “Trailer coupled vehicle” on the cabin should be switched on when a vehicle coupled with a trailer is driven or stops.

15.4.  Floodlight is permitted to use on the roads outside of built-up areas but they should be switched off when oncoming vehicles come out. It could be used in a built-up area by drivers of motor vehicles equipped with special luminous and audible warning devices fulfilling their official duties when necessary.

15.5.  Fog lamps are used alone or in combination with driving or passing lamps when it is snowing, raining or thick mist.

Remarks: Two fog lamps and one fog lamp are installed in motor vehicles and motorcycles correspondingly. Fog lamps should be installed in front of motor vehicles 400 mm inwards from the both edges of vehicles symmetrically but not higher than the level of driving lamps.

15.6.  Passing lamps are switched on in daytime in the following cases in order to warn the other road users:

а/   while driving in column;

б/   during organized transporting of children;

в/   during transporting of heavy, oversize or dangerous goods;

г/    while drawing power-driven vehicles;

д/   while driving under the protection of vehicles operating special luminous and audible warning devices.

15.7.  During giving the light signals, the driving and passing signals are switched on in succession when it is dark or the visibility is inadequate and switched on and off in the daytime. These signals are prohibited when they are likely to dazzle oncoming drivers and drivers riding ahead.


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