Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




17. Motorway traffic


17.1.  The following are prohibited on motorways:

а/   pedestrians, animal-drawn vehicles, cycles, mopeds, tractors, self-propelled vehicles and vehicles with a maximum technical speed not exceeding 40 km per hour;

б/   driving of goods vehicles with the permissible maximum mass of more than 3.5 ton through any lane other than the first or second lanes on the right-hand side of the carriageway;

в/   standing in places other than special parking places marked by signs 5.15 or 5.44;

г/    reverse or U-turn;

д/   practicing of driving.

17.2.  Drivers should use warning signals in accordance with the provision of 6.2.б and 6.3.б of these rules and take measures to free immediately the carriageway while making a compelled stop on a motorway.


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