Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




19. Driving practices


19.1.  Driving practices should be conducted under the direct guidance of the instructor.

19.2.  Driving practices should be conducted on a specially prepared place at first and, then, the trainees should participate in traffic in accordance with the durations and routes permitted by the Traffic Police after getting knowledge about the road rules and a skill necessary for driving.

19.3.  The instructors of the driving practice should have instructors’ licenses issued by the Traffic Police and driver licenses complying with the category of given vehicles.

19.4.  Vehicles used for a driving practice should have an identification sign “Training vehicle”.

Motor vehicles used for driving practice, beside additional brake and clutch pedals and rear-view mirrors for instructors, should be equipped with 250x250 mm red flags installed correspondingly on the left front and right rear corners of their bodies during the driving practice.

19.5.  The driving instructor should be responsible for securing the safety during the driving practice.


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