Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




22. Goods transportation


22.1.  The goods mass and mass per axle should not exceed the limits specified by the technical specifications of the given vehicle.

22.2.  Goods should be positioned and fixed in a way meeting the following requirements:

а/   not be dropped and pulled, not obstacle and endanger the road-users;

б/   not to limit the drivers’ view;

в/   not to disturb the stability of a vehicle and obstruct the driving;

г/    not to hide the vehicle outside lighting and reflecting devices, direction-indicators, hand signals, registration numbers and identification signs;

д/   make much sound and unpleasant odor, raise a dust, and pollute roads and the environment.

22.3.  It is prohibited to make noise during loading and unloading between 22:00 and 06:00 hours in built-up areas.

22.4. Drivers of motor vehicles for transporting heavy or oversized as well as dangerous goods should be persons experienced in driving vehicles of the given categories for more than three years and they have to use passing lamps while participating in traffic.

22.5.  Drivers of vehicles transporting heavy goods, having laden or unladen height of 4 m, width of 2.5 m, length of 20 m and transporting goods which come out backwards for more than 2 m out of the vehicle dimension and with two or more trailers should get permission from the Traffic Police for participating in traffic.

22.6.  During transporting of goods coming out from the vehicle dimension for more than 1 m in length and for more than 0.4 m aside, it is necessary to place identification signs “Oversized goods” on the coming-out parts and, if it is dark or the visibility is inadequate, white and red lights or reflectors in front and rear correspondingly.

22.7. Dangerous goods and their not sterilized containers, packages and tares should be transported in accordance with special rules and standards and with identification signs “Dangerous goods” placed in front and rear of the vehicle.

22.8.  It is prohibited to transport by passenger cars and motorcycles goods which are longer or wider than the car and motorcycle dimensions for more than 0.5 m.


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