Attachment to the Resolution of the Government

of Mongolia No.74 issued in 2004




23. Additional requirements for riding cycles, mopeds

and animal-drawn vehicles and driving livestock


23.1.  Riding cycles or animal-drawn vehicles are allowed for persons over the age of 14 and mopeds for persons over the age of 16.

23.2.  Brakes, rudders and bells of cycles should be fully operable. Besides, cycles should be equipped with a white lamp or reflector in front and red lamp or reflector on the backside and red or amber reflectors on both sides to participate in traffic when it is dark or the visibility is inadequate.

23.3.  The accessories of animal-drawn vehicles should have enough strength and such vehicles should be equipped with two white reflectors in front and two red reflectors on the backside to participate in traffic when it is dark or the visibility is inadequate.

23.4.  (If there is no cycle track) cycles and mopeds could be driven in pairs through a single lane while animal-drawn vehicles should be driven in a single file through a single lane. They should use the most right-hand side lane of the carriageway except the case of overtaking, driving around and taking a position for turning to the left-hand side or making a U-turn.

23.5.  Persons riding cycles and mopeds should give way to vehicles using the given road while they join to the carriageway from the cycle track on the road sections other than intersections.

23.6.  The following is prohibited for the persons riding cycles and mopeds:

а/   leave free the rudders and ride without stepping pedals on;

б/   goods should not be longer or wider than the cycle and moped dimensions for more than 0.5 m and the height of goods not higher than 1.5 m from the ground;

в/   to transport passengers if there are no special pedals and seats for passengers (as well as on the platforms if they are designed for transporting goods);

г/    transporting children under 7 without special fastenings;

д/   transporting drunken persons;

е/   drawing vehicles or being drawn by vehicles.

23.7.  It is prohibited to drive livestock along the carriageway on the paved roads outside of built-up areas. It is prohibited to keep livestock in the area within 50 m from the paved road without persons looking after them. Driving livestock across the road or through the bridge should be done as quick as possible and at once with approaching vehicles giving way to them.

23.8.  Animal-drawn vehicles should cross the level-crossings one after another in groups of not more than three vehicles. Driving livestock across the level-crossings should be done after making sure the safety and one after another in groups with the number of livestock allowing to cross in short time.

23.9.  The following is prohibited during riding animal-drawn vehicles and driving livestock:

а/   transporting of goods longer or wider of the dimensions of animal-drawn vehicles for more than 0.5 m;

б/   leaving animal-drawn vehicles or livestock on the road without care and control;

в/   be drunk.


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